The Crater – Two Dramas


This is the first story from a book of short stories I’m working on, called The Crater. The stories aren’t connected, but many of them use this Crater-only stock main character named Ryuuichi Okuno, a.k.a. Okuchin. Still, it’s not the same Ryuuichi every time the character comes up, he’s more or less treated the way Tezuka uses other people in his star system like Lamp or Rock (just know this means Tezuka reuses personalities and looks of characters but the character isn’t exactly the same person, if you don’t understand).

I think The Crater puts its stories in different order depending on the edition but the Akita bunko edition I’m reading puts this story at the front. I think it’s pretty good. I like how Tezuka plays with the grass is greener thing and the characters don’t understand their contradicting wishes even when they are in each other’s shoes. The ending is great too. This is my first translation.

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2 Responses to The Crater – Two Dramas

  1. Nakano says:

    On page 2, so is she imagining that she is a frumpy fat woman looking out the window at Jim? That’s funny. And then later when she actually is talking to Jim, he promises her a dress and two tickets out of there, even though he could never afford it… guess that’s kinda romantic!

    I like the idea of meeting this rich Asian kid at Colombia U. or something who’s constantly in the presence of a tall blonde man in a dark suit who won’t let you touch him. More like a Saudi Prince!

  2. tezukatranslations says:

    Nakano! See like you’ve recovered from trauma and feel like teaching class today. I think that fat woman is Jim’s mom. I must have been bad at conveying it or something. I think Jim really seems to believe that he can get money somehow even though yeah it’s pretty unrealistic. That’s a pretty common thought process of the hopeless!

    Nakano, even though you are a 40-50 year old Japanese man, blonde men in dark suits do seem to be in your realm of interests.

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