The Crater – Wind Cave

Story #4. This is one of the more what-in-the-world/outlandish kind of Tezuka stories about two racing friends, one who is in love with a life-size doll. Recently I watched “The Tatami Galaxy” and there was a character with the same kind of fetish so maybe this is just a tiny more accepted in Japan? Not accepted but maybe practiced? Ok can’t really make any good comments. But this was a fun work. It has some great two page pictures by the way.

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6 Responses to The Crater – Wind Cave

  1. Nakano says:

    The ending was hard for me to catch. But when I went back and read it, I saw what happened. Spooky! Sad for Kazuo! It’s amazing how Tezuka can plant details into a story. I don’t think I’m so dumb but these surprise endings keep catching me off guard.

    Funny about these blow-up dolls. Yeah, “not accepted but practiced” sounds right I guess… I bet Tezuka hears about these weird phenomena or trends and is just like, “Oh I should make a comic about that!”

    • tezukatranslations says:

      Definitely. They say a lot of the time Tezuka just takes two or three ideas and tries to mix them together in a story, and this one really feels like he just thought “Ok, blow-up dolls, and racing…?” It sounds ridiculous, you think there is no way it could not be ridiculous, but in the cave you kind of understand the argument of both Kazuo and Ryuuichi.

  2. GratefulReader says:

    I wish Nakano would enlighten me about the ending; I didn’t get it at all! Was there some kind of foreshadowing? Is that what he meant by “planting details into a story”? If someone would be so kind as to explain what happened in this one, I’d really appreciate it…

  3. Nakano says:

    After Kazuo throws Yukari off the cliff, he says “Go ahead and kill me, I won’t stop you.” Ryuuchi sulks off into the maze, leaving Kazuo behind him. He implies that he’s wandering a long time. Then we see Kazuo with him. “Kazuo was silent.” But we never actually saw Kazuo get up, and we never saw him follow Ryuuichi into the maze. That’s the detail that I didn’t notice. So really Kazuo stayed behind in the maze to die, and it was Yukari who found Ryuuichi, took the form of Kazuo, and led him outside.

    It’s on the subtle side, but the main point is that we just assume on our first reading that Kazuo followed him outside, even though it’s not really stated or shown. The evidence that it’s really Yukari were: the ending, where the face on the doll turns into hers, Kazuo’s defeated slump to the ground and his desire to die, and then the few panels where he’s not shown following Ryuuichi into the maze.

    I think that’s right… doesn’t that make sense to you?

    • GratefulReader says:

      Absolutely makes sense! I didn’t even consider that possibility! But now that you’ve told me, it’s like “ohhhh, of course! Duh!” As they say, hindsight is always 20/20, right? 😉

      Thanks a lot for the explanation, I really appreciate it.

    • tezukatranslations says:

      I had noticed the silence in the cave thing as being Yukari but I hadn’t thought about Kazuo and the go ahead and kill me part. It was a little awkward to translate and I was thinking about changing it a lot but I didn’t, it was meaningful. I’ll have to think a little more about other choices I make when I feel things are awkward from J to E from now on.

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