The Crater – Yuki Yarou

Story #3. This is in the notes too but Yuki means snow and Yarou is a semi-vulgar way of saying that guy or that punk or whatever. Some of these stories have a bit of mystery element to them and that is not what is going on with this story at all, very easy to understand, but still I enjoyed it. Features a guest character called Sasaki who seems seems to come up in other Tezuka works but I’ve never seen him. I want to see him more though, he’s a cool dude. I felt like I could do a bit stronger of a translation on this story too.

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2 Responses to The Crater – Yuki Yarou

  1. Nakano says:

    Wow, so good. You know the main setup was pretty obvious, right, that the truck was the spirit of the deer – but I loved the twist at the end about Ryu’s evil face. It was totally unexpected, it suddenly gave me so much sympathy for his rival, and it just changed the whole meaning of that first scene. When I first saw it I thought Sasaki really looked like a demon, from the long closeup to the demonic laughter and his weird walk. How insightful that Ryuichi looked just as hateful to Sasaki. Felt like a teachable moment, honestly.

    Fucking great skiing action. Beautiful mountain drawings. I love how Ryuichi’s blindness makes him able to sense the deer’s hatred and shoot it. Soooo good.

  2. tezukatranslations says:

    Glad you liked it. Yeah, you really want to doubt Sasaki the whole story, and then Tezuka kind of reprimands you in the end showing Ryuuichi’s face like that. I particularly liked this one too.

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