The Crater – The Three Intruders

Story #5. Sometimes I think Tezuka annoys me if I’m reading something like Phoenix and he throws in some stupid joke. And the kind of stuff I like of his the most is his serious stuff. But, this is just a funny short story he did and I think it is legitimately funny and good. I was also actually thrown by the surprise at the end. After you read it, look over the beginning again, and the kind of disturbing scene there becomes pretty funny.

Also, this one goes into a lot of talk about popular entertainment during that time and I had more research than even the Vietnam story.

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6 Responses to The Crater – The Three Intruders

  1. Garai says:

    Okay I absolutely adored this. And like you, I love his serious works, so I was genuinely surprised that I loved this so much. But it cracked me up and the end was awesome!!

    • tezukatranslations says:

      Cool, yeah, the more I read of his work I realize he can be pretty funny. I might be interested in doing something like Don Dracula even eventually because I just want to believe it’s not all infantile and some of it is legitimately funny:)

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