The Crater – Twin-Headed Snake

Story #7. Sorry I scanned one part of #6 wrong and I’m currently away from a scanner I can use for awhile so I’ll post it later.

Anyway, maybe the most controversial story in The Crater. The theme is one Tezuka uses a lot: two groups who can’t get along for pretty much no good reason, and the result is tragic. Just this time it’s about blacks and whites in Chicago. At the end of pretty much every book by Tezuka there is an apology from the publisher about some of the pretty racist character designs he used from time to time. This story has those. I’m uncomfortable translating the story at some parts but all in all I think it means well, and is a good story.

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8 Responses to The Crater – Twin-Headed Snake

  1. Nakano says:

    The climax was really really scary. I thought the kid was toast.

    I… I don’t get this “turning black” thing exactly. Why and how does that work? Weird…

    I like how the tired pharmacists’ face transforms into an evil mastermind and back.

    • tezukatranslations says:

      The climax is crazy because you don’t know why they’re killing Ham & Egg in the beginning but you don’t really doubt it’s legit… then at the end you see Kikero… and you think shit, no, these people are just crazy…

      The turning black thing just has to be so the snakes couldn’t find Arty as easily… I can’t think of any other option. Well, Ryuu and Arty going off together at the end, I guess Tezuka wants part of the theme to be about the two races getting along, I guess Arty’s “turning black” is part of that… maybe…

  2. Hazo Pazul says:

    Tezuka is great…and scary xd

  3. Wright says:

    We wanted to say a real thanks for doing The Crater. It’s great to see someone else giving Osamu Tezuka the attention he deserves!
    My partner and I have been planning on doing some of Tezuka’s manga as well. In fact, the Crater was on our list. (Others being Vampires, Hidimari no Ki, Rainbow Parakeet, Rainbow Fortress, Angel’s Hill, Alabaster and Shumari, with a probably translator for Alabaster in April). Thanks very much for doing it!

    If you’re ever interested, we’d love to do a collaboration sometimes on pretty much anything Tezuka has done sometimes. Our focus is on Urasawa, Tezuka and Nagai now, and we’d be glad to clean and typeset Tezuka’s stuff.

    Thanks very much again and hope to hear from you!


  4. Wright says:

    Also, if I can ask: Have you considered getting a mangaupdates account?

    • tezukatranslations says:

      Hey. Nice to meet you! Ummm… I will send you an email! Thanks for your comment.

      • Wright says:

        Nice to meet you, too!
        We’re real grateful to see you doing The Crater. Thought we’d offer to help with this and any other Tezuka you’re interested in. Looking forward to hearing from you.!

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