The Crater – Okuchin's Unwelcome Guest

Story #10, the last one from book 1. I’ve read this one a few times and I always get close to crying but not all the way there. It’s a bit of a tearjerker. It’s one of my favorites from The Crater. The Jesus-looking guy is a little bit weird and a lot of it is corny jokes but, stay with it. I also remember reading someone’s analysis of Paranoia Agent awhile back talking about how Japanese media doesn’t touch on the A-Bomb a lot, but here is one exception. Tezuka is kind of the biggest sufferer of PTSD in the universe though.

Also, the avatar image I use I notice was taken from this chapter. Non-existent non-prizes that are actually nothing and not a prize will be given to the person who finds where it is.


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2 Responses to The Crater – Okuchin's Unwelcome Guest

  1. lime says:

    Reading Tezuka’s works always give me shivers, not of fear but of what an amazing storyteller he was.
    Thank you so much for translating them 🙂

    • tezukatranslations says:

      I know what you mean. He’s very consistent with that feeling too, in spite of his large library. Thanks.

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