If you’re coming to this site from mangaupdates, you might think why is the site called tezukatranslations when on mangaupdates he’s calling himself twopioneers. Recently there was this exhibit at the Tezuka museum featuring this Japanese scifi writer who was around the same time as Tezuka. Shinichi Hoshi. Well I like both of them a lot and ultimately want to make a site for both of them. Here are two Hoshi stories I did if you want to sample them or tell me what you think of them:
eye drops:
told through a dream:
I’ll probably discuss this more later but just since I’m using the twopioneers name already I thought I’d say this much for now.
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4 Responses to twopioneers

  1. BooN says:

    I like both but prefer eye drops.

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