Angel's Hill Chapter 1 (joint with Happy Scans)

I have been working with the good people at Happy Scans for a bit and we’ve just finished the first chapter of this Tezuka story, Angel’s Hill. I’m just doing the translation, they (Nethandle and Wright) are taking care of things so that they actually look good, so you don’t have to worry like when you’re reading The Crater and cursing me.

At first I just chose this Tezuka piece because I feel like he didn’t do a whole lot of shoujo manga like this and I wanted to try one. It is this very melodramatic story with a lot of common plot elements- memory loss, look-alike switch-ups, but in the middle of it all, this monk just appears and says something with a profundity a little off the rhythm of the main story, but very Tezuka-like and impression-leaving. Anyway read it if you’re interested. And check out Happy Scans sometime too (

edit: I’m leaving this post but the links only exist for the volumes now.

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