Angel's Hill Chapter 3 (joint with Happy Scans)

Ok. Gotta get these up because I’ve been slacking with updating. You’re probably checking Happy’s site anyway! They’re doing good with putting everything up and nethandle uploading everything for me and so on.

I like what Tezuka does with the mermaid legends in this part. Reinterpretation probably isn’t very uncommon. Other artists might take mermaids or whatever but they’ll give them electric guitars and kind of make the legend cooler and more modern- just decorating superficial parts of the story is easy.  But with Tezuka it’s like he’s created a new workable fairytale of his own. It’s hard to do that. I think people want to, but they feel like everything’s been done and give up too easily and reboot another Marvel series to be a movie.

edit: I’m keeping this post but the links only exist for the volumes now.

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