Angel's Hill Volume 2 (joint with Happy Scans)

Just going to post the link to the whole thing.  The more medium length Tezuka stories I read, honestly I feel he has a habit of not really leaving loose ends but, a couple plot points with things to be desired. I always imagine him racing against this impending doom clock, trying to create and finish as much manga as he possibly can, maybe that idea just prejudices my view that sometimes he wraps things up too quickly. Or maybe that’s just something that wasn’t expected in manga 50 years ago but it’s something we expect now. Still, for wanting to try a lot of Tezuka, I was really glad I did this because I think it’s pretty unique from a lot of the work he did. Maybe I just happen to be choosing a lot of the same stuff, but I haven’t really encountered a character like Luna… so impossibly good, and so pitiable.

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3 Responses to Angel's Hill Volume 2 (joint with Happy Scans)

  1. hahhah42 says:

    Thank you for translating this series so quickly, I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. As for the ending, I find it rather appropriate with all the Little Mermaid references throughout the work – the Andersen story itself doesn’t exactly have a clear/satisfying ending.

    • tezukatranslations says:

      Good point! I’m unfamiliar with the Andersen story (only know Disney… umm…) so I didn’t know but now that you say it, that makes sense.

  2. Lambie says:

    Oh, no! The link is broken, can you reupload this and the first volume? I started reading this years ago, but lost all my files and never got to see how it ended…
    Thank you so much for bringing us more Tezuka works. ;3;

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