Clockwork Apple – Immaculate Conception

The Japanese title could literally be translated as like “The saint’s conception” or whatever but really this Japanese word 聖女、”Woman Saint/Holy Woman” or whatever is too hard to translate… the robot’s name is Maria so let’s just go with immaculate conception.

Anyway this one might not be so great for anyone sensitive to kind of playing around with religion. Still, even though it’s doubtful that this reflect’s Tezuka’s own personal beliefs anyway, it’s actually not such a bad argument.

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2 Responses to Clockwork Apple – Immaculate Conception

  1. madamluna says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed this story. Your translations are great, too! They flow excellently and they’re clear and easy to read–you’re a great writer.

    • tezukatranslations says:

      Thanks, that’s a great compliment. I still end up being unsure about how a lot of things sound and remain critical of myself, but I’m glad you/ maybe other people are finding it easy to read.

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