Maachan’s Journal

I am working on two semi-long things that are kicking my butt and give me just a little more time to finish them. In the meantime, this is the first thing Tezuka ever published. Took about an hour to complete (me).

Not for everyone, but… written in 1946, the English title description they for some unknown reason (because it’s cool) include in every volume of the complete collection says this is a journal to show the life of kids immediately after WWII was over, and reading it I don’t know if I’m tricking myself into thinking so, but I can see a post war background I think, just a few times, and most of the jokes are very cute and stupid, but I don’t know, I really like it.

I usually don’t translate sound effects unless they’re absolutely necessary because, I never even really read them myself when I read manga in Japan, you can pretty much add whatever sound you want to it, a lot of it is just how it looks, I think. But this manga has a lot of pure sound effect ones so if there’s anything that is totally incomprehensible to you let me know and I might go back and add some SFX translation.

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4 Responses to Maachan’s Journal

  1. Nakano says:

    Seriously this is the first Tezuka ever!? That’s cool! I enjoyed reading this and I think a lot of people would like it because it’s Tezuka’s first published work, but yeah, I didn’t see this as especially post-war, either. Sazae-san is a better comic strip for seeing post-war Japan. I read the first collection only, but it had a lot of jokes that seemed especially timely, and the drawing is more specific so you could see more bits and pieces of Japanese homes and stuff. Anyway thanks very much for translating this and putting it up! I’m REALLY glad to have read it.

  2. Djinndaze says:

    Hey there! This is one of the finest scanlation projects ever. I’m overjoyed to read Tezuka’s early work. After reading Drifting Life by Tatsumi, I was intrigued by all the manga mentioned in it. Thanks for the scanlations so far. I’m particularly fond of the Fuusuke stories 🙂 what a range of stuff!!

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