Clockwork Apple – Clockwork Apple

Such a load off to get this out. I put a pretty good amount of time into it, struggled with it, thought I probably could tweak it forever, but the original Japanese isn’t exactly the smoothest most beautiful sounding text ever written, so ultimately, I feel happy enough with it.

When I read this the first time I thought it had a good buildup and a sloppy end, but going through it again, it’s not so bad. Not going to spoil anything about the ending, but… ok.

If anything, the black background is pretty cool. One of the best strengths of Tezuka I find myself reaffirming again and again is how he can make a manga feel like a movie. And with this piece it especially feels good to read it that way.

Anyway, this probably got the title because it’s the longest in the collection by far, but don’t think it’s downhill from here. The last few stories… Yellow Dust, Return Ship… those are the best.

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4 Responses to Clockwork Apple – Clockwork Apple

  1. amaimono says:

    Thanks you. It was a quality read!
    Oh, and your translation is among the best I’ve ever seen 🙂

  2. Nakano says:

    This was a really great story – one thing that made it feel so cinematic, to me, was the way the stakes rose so high, much more like a movie than a typical comic! The action rises from a guy and his wife, to weird things on the street, to the whole town having some very strange, paranormal mystery, to a government takeover! Also something that’s cool about this story that you don’t see in many comics, but you do see in movies, is that the protagonist is just like a Joe Normal guy with a wife and a job – not a teenager, not an adventurer, not even a policeman or exciting action job.

  3. I’ve never read anything about Tezuka being big into movies, but I’ve thought he must have been, I feel his works are cinematic a lot of the time too. Just what he chooses to draw in a panel and whatever. It’s not always two big face profiles talking all the time.

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