Clockwork Apple – Sack (Fukuro)

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2 Responses to Clockwork Apple – Sack (Fukuro)

  1. ryuuichiokuno says:

    This one is really flawed but still enjoyable, if nothing just for the what the hell factor. Why does the main character continue to talk about Rika with her family after they tell her she doesn’t exist. And other what the hell is going on here exactly moments. Actually, I also really enjoy how trendy the two main characters feel in the beginning, really dumb, really happy, and how Tezuka seems to kind of put them in this gross horrible situation just for some kind of weird demented pleasure. It’s fun.

    Also, the title of this one has a difficult weird kanji, used in the kanji for cyst, I feel sack is appropriate enough but it felt a little bare so I’m going with the Japanese title in parentheses this time.

  2. I_am_power says:

    Can you fix the link please?

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