Tonkara Valley – Mignon

This is a short story based on a novel by Goethe called “Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship” (maybe you know that Tezuka also did a manga version of Faust, then his own Neo-Faust, so he kind of had a Goethe thing). The Mignon character I guess is popular as she’s been adapted into musicals, movies as well (though all a very long time ago).

Kind of a painfully obvious story that you feel like you’re fast-forwarding through most of the time, but something about the scenery, the setting, the folklore feel of it is enjoyable, I think that’s something Tezuka was able to do, and Goethe himself.

p. s. There is a song that comes up in this short piece a couple times, if you’d like to listen, there is a very old recording of it right here.

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