Magma Taishi Chapter 7 – Phony City

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3 Responses to Magma Taishi Chapter 7 – Phony City

  1. Never seen such an all-star cast together at once. I just finished Vampire volume one the day before this and thought, Tezuka has a knack for chapter seven. Yes, I can only say this from two examples. But both are the longest, climaxish chapters in the volume and I found them pretty gripping and successful. This one takes a big turn for me in the story because, I honestly hadn’t though pseudo-people were going to kill and replace everyone, just kind of come and try to blend in somehow. But they did just kill almost all of Tokyo, populate it with weird alien creatures and strange mist, kind of a scary change of tone. The parasitic disease too. It wasn’t the light silly manga I thought it would be when I was doing earlier chapters.

    But still. Honestly, why did Goa want Atsushi to write about him when eventually he was just going to take over the news himself and censor everything. Why do the pseudo-people pretend not to know who Goa is and then rejoice when he arrives in Tokyo. Why does that guy want to make Mamoru’s death look like an accident even though they control everything including the police and city hall and shouldn’t worry about doing things legally anyway. Anyway. I peeked at the next chapter and it just gets crazier, but I think you’ll think that’s a good thing.

  2. F says:

    Great chapter, best so far, many questions nedds needs answers. Cnt’t wait for next one. Thanks a lot for doing Magma. Btw. may you add covers to Magma and Tonkara Valley with your next release? Thanks once again.

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