Magma Taishi Volume 1

If  you’ve been following along until now, you can get chapter pages and covers here (minus chapter 8, which was included with the normal release):

If not you can just get the whole package here:

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5 Responses to Magma Taishi Volume 1

  1. I’ll just include this whatever comment here. I’m amused, maybe even pleased that the main characters of Magma Taishi are much more Gamu and Mamoru then Magma himself. I was surprised he’s so absent in the manga but it’s kind of interesting that way.

  2. Wright says:

    Awesome. Great work on Magma. Definitely one of my favorites here so far, can’t wait for the rest

    • Thanks Wright. Somebody gave Magma a 1 on mangaupdates and it broke my heart. Ha. So I’m glad you like it.

      • amaimono says:

        Getting a low rating despite all the time and work you poured into it is indeed disappointing (perhaps just as much as realizing that you could have worded some sentences better after you released the chapter), but you shouldn’t worry about that. After all, a trash for someone could be someone else’s treasure 🙂

        I, for one, is among those who enjoyed this story. Thank you!

      • Any noble goals I feel I have with this blog always clash with personal ones, that’s been a big learning experience for me since I started. I wouldn’t want to admit I do anything for comments as well, but I’m still pretty happy to get them, so thank you and I’m glad you liked Magma.

        Also yeah I feel super embarrassed about wording, etc., in the Crater and things I did just a few months ago, feels like I did them years ago.

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