Clockwork Apple – Yellow Dust

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5 Responses to Clockwork Apple – Yellow Dust

  1. This is probably the most extreme Tezuka I’ve ever read (Another one called Kanon scared me a bit but I read this one afterwords and I think it’s worse). It’s a little bit trauma-inducing. When I was doing the Crater there was a bonus story in the edition I had that I want to get around to doing sometime called “Brother and Sister of the Sea”, and it’s not nearly as bad as this but it shows how Okinawa deals with a lot of hardship as well. When I was looking up information for background on this story, I saw there had been a Tezuka exhibition in Okinawa before, I would’ve liked to have seen it.

    Anyway. Read the cute little duck story above if you need something to wash your mind after this.

  2. Garai says:

    I commend you for stretching yourself and doing this one. Fortunately I was prepared (mostly) for this by MW, but it still managed to really kick me in the guts all the same. I definitely appreciate your concurrent translations of the more innocent Tonkara Valley series to go alongside the more harrowing releases. You’ve definitely managed to showcase Tezuka’s stunning range of tone and subject matter.

    • Yeah, I haven’t read MW myself but I’ve heard it even has some similarities to Yellow Dust…?

      The stuff that is this level of mature from Tezuka is unfortunately pretty limited, probably just a handful more titles like this. I wish there was more of it, but I’m also a fan of his because he pushed himself to do stuff like Fuusuke too where you think “is this even from the same person?”

      • Garai says:

        That’s correct, MW and Yellow Dust do have many similarities and MW is very definitely one of those “did he write this?!” books. I’m kind of amazed that Dark Horse published it, but also very happy. Sounds like I definitely need to read this Fuusuke you mention.

  3. Nakano says:

    I wasn’t so affected by this story, to my surprise. I thought it was kind of a sad, and of course it’s a bad image to see people (and children) being shot, murdered, especially in these images, but it wasn’t as gorey as some horror manga I’ve read, and in terms of the characters, they’re not so evil as they fucked up by an old drug. On the other hand, I thought the story “Curtains” was much worse, and I left a comment on its post.

    It’s interesting how this is similar to MW, which I would say is much more disturbing and twisted than Yellow Dust, because the villain is more complicated (almost sympathetic) but definitely, violently evil.

    I 100% agree with Garai that “You’ve definitely managed to showcase Tezuka’s stunning range of tone and subject matter” – this is really wonderful about all the stories you’re doing. Love it love it.

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