Tonkara Valley – Sing, Penny

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  1. I think the ending to this one where the animals all follow her because of the food in her bags is really funny.

    I had the opportunity to try to make these characters with southern accents and I played around with it so forgive me if you think it’s annoying, I won’t be doing it all the time, just this one short story.

    Usually it’s the opposite, usually it’s some weird Japanese accent that you can’t really equate to any words in English so you just have to normalize the character a bit (unfortunately). This time the girls were speaking normal Japanese but they’re country girls so I wanted to give them an accent even though it probably looks awkward, just wanted to do it this once.

    One story left, the monsterly long title track. I’m actually already about halfway done with it but give me a little more time with it because it is very dense. Should be finished with this and Clockwork Apple in early June, then I’ll be able to start on some new works, exciting.

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