Clockwork Apple – Complete

The above is the complete set of everything. If you’ve been following along and just need the cover pages I didn’t put in until Yellow Dust, you can use this link here.

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10 Responses to Clockwork Apple – Complete

  1. Znork says:

    Woo, great stuff. I love how fast youre bringing these out. But hell, I’m happy if I get just one chapter of tezuka a month which is more than I can say for most of the years since I learned about him.

    • Thanks. Sometimes I worry people think I may be trying to speed-scanlate, but I just have a good amount of time to use towards this right now and want to do a lot 🙂

  2. F says:

    Thank you so much, splendid work. Are you going to start new project or end tonkara valley and maachan’s journal first? or mayby summer break? One more question (i know nobady likes questions like that one :P): were you ever thinking about doing Yuusha Dan? (It was started by some group almost year ago, they did 2 chapters quit).

    • Thank you. I enjoy comments a lot more than no comments. I am going to end Tonkara Valley although I might start working on what I want to do next too and I can’t say which I’ll put out first. Just work on a whim. Maachan’s Journal is a collection of those kind of newspaper comic “4-koma” stuff that Tezuka did throughout his career, I was just interested in translating the first one for now because it’s supposed to be the very first manga he ever did. I will do the rest sometime, but maybe not anytime soon. I’ve been talking to HappyScans about doing Yuusha Dan with them later, but we’ve got a few things we want to do first so that might take some time too.

  3. Mierten says:

    I just read Clockwork Apple and Tonkaradani last night. It is amazing how some of the stories remain in your thoughts long after you have finished reading them. Execution at 3 did that for me.

  4. Jbman says:

    Hey Thanks for scanlating all that you’d done so far of Tezuka’sw works. I’ve enjoyed the Crater and the Clockworkd Apple so far, am downloading the rest. I’m amazed at your scanlating speed. Keep it up – its rare to have a sample of Tezuka’s work that is not part of the well known canon – Buddha, Adolf, Phoenix etc.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks man,
    I absolutely love this! It’s hard to find Tezuka’s stuff around and now I can carry him around in my ipad and read whenever I want to.
    I hope you’d have time to translate Alabaster or Bomba! one day… they are awesome too!
    Great job!

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