Clockwork Apple – Return Ship

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  1. I have no idea why I read this one as “Return Ship” the first time I saw it (it’s supposed to be “Returnees”) But the title kind of stuck to me and I don’t really know all the connotations of the word returnees so I left is as-is.

    So many good things about this one. Love love love the ending, everybody just being shown that killing the aliens will end in their own demise but going ahead and killing the aliens anyway because they’re morons. Lots of perverted fun boxes in this one, especially the tentacle rape, thank you for that Tezuka-sensei. The second guy being dried out more and more until finally you see two huge boobs he’s shrinking into also.

    Anyway even though I picked this book because I like it for some reason it is such a relief to get it over with. Feels good.

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