Tonkara Valley – The Tale Of Tonkara Valley

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  1. This one taught me the true meaning of labor of love because it went much slower than any other usual work I would do.

    But this is the very first Tezuka story that I read, just over half a year ago now, in November. I had really avoided him like I think a lot of people do because, I guess it takes a little effort to not recoil at his art-style when you’ve been drowned to death with post-90’s anime (yes, I love his style now and feel ashamed for being adverse to it at first). I didn’t like the curly-haired boy characters he drew so I took this one because it had cute little squirrels on the cover instead.

    Tonkara Valley is a really melodramatic shoujo manga, I guess, but I was really moved by it, honestly, and there were so many things I liked about it that I had never really seen in manga before. I literally would think the story must have gone on for 20 pages and I’d only read two, that happened every time I picked it up. There was an uncommon kind of cut and jump rhythm with the story, absolutely no filler, which took getting used to at first but in the end I thought, I never want to read boring dragging on forever filler manga again.

    Even though it kind of feels like a simple Disney-ish manga, I really like the almost cruel way that characters just die off or disappear with almost no outro, like it was nothing. Now I notice it as a pretty strong Tezuka theme, there are so many different types of life in this story, all of them struggling to live as long as possible with all their might, but still plenty of them also just die left and right all the time. Anyway.

    This manga also honestly really makes me want to tame a squirrel and make it my pet.

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