Fuusuke – Pex Banzai


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4 Responses to Fuusuke – Pex Banzai

  1. Sorry… little worried about putting that as the first image from Fuusuke, but feel wholly compelled to at the same time. This is the vein of Tezuka work I find more shocking than any of his other stuff, because it’s just such a huge departure from his art style. Just reading it I think anyone would get a kick on it, but considering the haw haw of the last joke, it really is supposed to be a manga for a married/mom-dad type audience.

    You think he goes all out with this one, the first story, but I actually like the next one a little better even.

  2. Nakano says:


  3. Nakano says:

    Me too, I was most impressed by the artwork in the story.

    I kept waiting for him to say that the little Pex were going to be used as sex toys and was so disappointed that everyone was just saying how cute they are. I want to read a Tezuka story about girls getting themselves off with living dildos!!

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