Magma Taishi Chapter 10 – Earth Vs. Goa!!!


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1 Response to Magma Taishi Chapter 10 – Earth Vs. Goa!!!

  1. I feel silly writing how Goa will never find Earth’s base in the previous chapter and then he just magically seems to find it in this one. Reading this chapter, I was forced to realize that longer works like these aren’t really in this single framed world that I first imagine them to be in. This chapter, and the next one too, the characters remain the same, but you almost feel a little betrayed by how everything building up to now is just thrown out and replaced with new material. Still, it’s probably done to keep the story enjoyable, and a lot about this chapter is fun too, like buying planets on clearance, etc.

    A lot of times in shounen manga, I feel like it’s usually about one person grossly overpowering the other, and then the other person powers up so the tables turn, and then the again, and again. Or, if they’re equal power, it just fizzles out like oh we’re equal power we can’t do anything to each other. But I like how with Goa and Earth, you don’t really even know which is stronger than the other, but it’s not like they are immediately in a lockdown when they fight either.

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