Fuusuke – Women Howling At The Moon

Women Howling At The Moon

“Because of an abnormal moon, all the women of the world would attack men once a month. But strangely, Fuusuke was the only exception. Because of this, Fuusuke is respected by mensfolk. But it was only a dream of Fuusuke who wasn’t much popular with women.”


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3 Responses to Fuusuke – Women Howling At The Moon

  1. Just this once (or maybe more later), I’m going to use the English explanation (written in “cute” English by by Japanese people many years ago) at the beginning of the volume instead of a picture. Because I really love this one.

    Probably like all the Fuusuke stories, this one has its unfunny moments too, but it can be pretty funny I think. I like how it starts out and you think, no way man, this would be a utopia!! Then you keep reading and think, yikes, nevermind…

  2. madamluna says:

    I really like this one! It starts off funny, but the scenario it illustrates becomes pretty terrifying. I get a real kick out of seeing Tezuka tackle kink topics, too (especially the crack about the guys going to the bondage club).

    • I saw someone’s twitter a week or so ago and she was tweeting how she was worried Tezuka might be a pervert. I thought please don’t ever come check out my blog… ha.

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