Fuusuke – No Deposit!


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3 Responses to Fuusuke – No Deposit!

  1. This chapter is pretty funny to me. It’s one of those chapters where you have to reread it a bit after you figure out what it’s about, and the whole thing is just really clever with the different ways the house is a woman.

    Then out of nowhere kind of a sad ending, right? Still trying to be funny I think, how the house behaves like a human, but it’s a little sad as well.

  2. amaimono says:

    Awesome stories! Funny, naughty, and touching at the same time. Pex Banzai was good, Women Howling at the Moon and Kurushimasu Eve were better, then No Deposit was the cream of the crops! I read the latter for at least 5 times before I’m completely satisfied.

    Never saw anything like this before, really creative. I had a hard time trying to convince myself that the artist behind this gem was really Tezuka. The artwork was very different from usual, but it fits with the story right. Hats off to you, and I’m totally excited to see the what Tezuka has in store next.

    • Thanks. Yeah, it’s definitely hard for me to accept it as Tezuka sometimes as well too. The art, and just because it’s not like you think gag humor when you hear the name Osamu Tezuka. But I’m surprised over and over again with how funny I find him sometimes.

      Even if I wasn’t selective with what I chose to do I’m sure I would always end up doing something pretty different from what I just did before with Tezuka, he said he was never satisfied as long as he was trying something new himself. Thanks for your comment:)

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