Angel Gunfighter – Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2

Edit: corrected Fred and Anna’s relationship and put in missing page:

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6 Responses to Angel Gunfighter – Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2

  1. The next few things I want to do are long, no chapters, so I wanted something that has little chapters as well to keep this blog updated regularly.

    Not really comfortable with how the prologue’s supposed to sound. I had to translate it very literally because I don’t understand what they’re talking about. There don’t seem to actually be any demons in the story. Is this supposed to be talking about money? I might revise it after I’ve finished the whole thing and release the complete version.

  2. madamluna says:

    oh my god this is fabulous THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you, for real! Western slapstick with Hamegg, it’s like this was made for me.

    I think the “demons” in the prologue might be referring to Hamegg’s forces of corrupt cops (more of a gang, it seems like). Maybe that’s their name?

    • Hehe I thought this would be your reaction. It’s so short (and there was almost an entire page of oink oink) so it’s not much/any trouble. 1949! Wow.

      I think you’re right. Looking at the mangaupdates summary, etc. that makes sense. I just am notorious to actually not read any of these until translating the exact chapter that I’m on and I still couldn’t get then why the Japanese explicitly says the Mayor is “made to dance” (or, is manipulated) by these demons when it looks like he’s the one in control. But… anyway! I’ll get to more pretty soon.

  3. ace10striker says:

    sorry, but i think you’re missing page 9 in the release

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