Tiger Books Volume 1 (Tigerland)


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  1. Phew. I read over this one today and edited it but it’s a long 215 pages all released at once so tell me if I missed something somewhere.

    This is the first story in a series of short story volumes called Tiger Books.The first story just happens to be about got tigers but the other stories are more focused on nature, animals, Tezuka themes of respecting all forms of life, that sort of thing. Tiger Books is 8 volumes and most of the volumes have a few different stories in them, but volume 1 is one straight shot story: Tigerland.

    I feel the story has a bit more draw in the beginning versus the end, but it’s still enjoyable throughout. It’s also pretty consistent, as in it doesn’t really make you think “Wait, what? But didn’t…” which unfortunately happens in (Tezuka?) manga a good bit. I really like how they made the main character a bit of a spoiled jerk at first and then had him grow up.

    Anyway not much else to say but glad to finally get this out there.

  2. sau says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. F says:

    great story, thank you so much

  4. Thanks for the appreciation.

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