Lion Books – Adachigahara


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  1. I know it looks like I just keep starting and won’t finish anything. Well I’m almost done with Fuusuke and Mako, Rumi and Chi won’t take so long so don’t worry too much. I wanted to do this because I wanted to bounce back and forth between Tiger Books and Lion Books. Do one story from one, then one from the other. And see how people felt they’re different.

    I like this story a lot. Tezuka adpated it from a Noh play, read more from the word document I attached. There are a couple good full pages and spreads in this one.

    Spoiler part: My favorite thing in the story was how there was this common government hating rebel protagonist, but the solution, “ok, go to a planet that has nothing, then there’s no bad government, right?” was unexpected and good.

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