Fuusuke – Men and Their Toys


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4 Responses to Fuusuke – Men and Their Toys

  1. This one’s actually a little bit of a disturbing chapter. In the original Japanese he decides to make rape legal, but I just couldn’t write it. Still, the ending is a good twist. It’s one of those you think you should have seen coming after you saw it, but you didn’t (maybe. I didn’t).

    Three more chapters left of Fuusuke.

  2. BooN says:

    “Tell Vietnam it can s*ck a d*** too”. And I’m from Vietnam. What the…

  3. madamluna says:

    This is a well-written story (I loved the twist in the last panel, I didn’t see it coming either), but yeah, wow, how spiteful!

    I think it’s good you didn’t write that rape line in there. At least, I wouldn’t have been able to do it either :/a I think the way you put it is all right, although it’s pretty disturbing whichever way you slice it.

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