W3 – Volume One


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  1. This manga is a little near and dear to me because it’s kind of the closest bond between Tezuka and Hoshi. If you don’t know, Shinichi Hoshi was a short story writer born the same year Tezuka was. He’s the guy to Tezuka’s left on this site’s banner.

    I also like SF but not exactly gross SF, or creepy SF, my favorite stuff might be along the lines of this series, authors using aliens as a tool to subjectively talk about the problems on Earth.

    Honestly I feel like not a lot gets done in this volume, especially as far as the main character is concerned, and you just think, where’s his big conflict? “Why’s everybody so mean”? But anyway, re-reading it before I put it up here, it’s still engaging enough of a story, I think. I really love Bokko and Nokko. And I love how Nokko can make anything in a few seconds.

  2. online manga says:

    thank you for this chapter. will definitely keep track on this.

  3. Awesome, thank you for this! One of my friends managed to track down an episode or two of the old W3 anime, so I’m really interested to see what the manga/anime are like.

  4. Hey bro, gotta thank you again for this release, I’ve been waiting so long to see this manga in english and now I finally can! While I was reading through it on page 36(69 on the actual manga page), when Pukko has his joke face, it’s a reference to Iyami from Osomatsu-kun. Iyami also has a beetles haircut, closed eyes and buck teeth. Nothing too big, but I love find these little cameos/references in manga like this.

    • Ah, thanks! I think it probably said something like Iyami even in the Japanese, I just didn’t get it because I don’t know Osomatsu. I’m going to do another post or two with W3 extra stuff, so I’ll mention it there just in case.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks!

    A entire volume xD

  6. *_* says:

    Thank you! I’ve always wanted to read W3!
    Ever since I saw the Original illustrations for the covers!

  7. masterchief11777 says:

    how is the next Vol ^^

  8. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of a new download for this and Vol. 2 now that MegaUpload is toast?

  9. Izume_sora says:

    Men i was looking for this in everywhere and when i finally found it it in megaupoad!! its not fair DX nobody else have this, im Salvadorean it means from El Salvador, my original languaje is Spanish and i dont care to read it in english, please tell me you goin to re upload it please, i have 18 and i like all tesuka work Bagi, Kimba, Astro boy, Black Jack i love it all, and i see the first episode of this and youtube and i fall in love with the serie. Hope you can help me and all other tesuka fans C-ya

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