W3 Bonus – Karuta Cards

Do you happen to study Japanese? If you’re just beginning or thinking of just beginning, or can do pretty well but just want to do a fun (I guess) activity, you might like these cards.

This is a game called Karuta, and you need at least three people to play. There are two types of cards: picture cards and sentence cards. One player is the reader; their job is only to mix up the sentence cards, hold them in their hand and read them one by one so the other players can’t see. The picture cards go on the table. On each picture card there is a letter. When the reader reads a sentence from a sentence card, the other players try to find the card that has the first letter from that sentence on it. For example, if the reader said “Whoa, cool idea for a blog post”, the other players would try to find a card with “W” on it. Whoever gets it first wins that round, and after all the sentences are read, the person with the most cards win. If you’re a fan of Tezuka and can speak a little Japanese, I think this game would be fun to play sometime! If not maybe you can just get a kick at looking at the cards. Also, guess how much I paid for these.

(I was going to just put all of them here but I think it would make the page take forever to load so I’ll just make it another download).


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