Tiger Books – Akuemon


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8 Responses to Tiger Books – Akuemon

  1. Sorry about the bit of hiatus. Should be able to start drilling things out again now. Although I think my computer is acting like it has a virus right now and is really bumming me out.

    Also sorry about using megaupload, I personally like mediafire better myself but the files just get harder and harder to upload, mediafire said the upload failed ten times until I just gave up and went to megaupload.

    Edit: got mediafire working.

    To be honest I think I might be more of a Lion Books person myself but this story has its good moments. If you want another story about foxes ability to transform, check out the first thing I did on Hoshizuru. It’s a pretty good fox story but Hoshi.

    I don’t think I put this anywhere in the story but the name Akuemon is made up of “aku” and “emon”, “aku” meaning evil and “emon” being a name prefix almost like “-alot” from the medieval period or whatever. Strictly samurai times kind of name only.

  2. BooN says:

    There are few moving moments but I can’t help thinking like reading a folklore-based story with an abrupt ending. Maybe the pace of this story is way too fast.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the scanlations. I love Osame Tezuka works since I was a kid. But can you please upload them to mediafire instead of megaupload cause my stupid government already banned the megaupload page from my country. Thank you!

  4. Dee says:

    Hi, I’d like to know if it is okay to upload The Crater to Batoto? If not, nevermind. 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

    • I don’t really understand Batoto but I guess you can make money off of it? Personally I’m not thrilled about having things go in that direction, but I’m more against trying to protect everything I do and claim it as mine when I really don’t have the right to. I accept that anything I put up here is fair game for anything.

      • Dee says:

        Oh you don’t earn anything from uploading but from the revenue of the ads that a group can apply for, to show up in their chapters(erm, something like that since I’ve not seen any ads so far so the group probably controls it). Basically, it’s the same tactic scanlating groups used way back even in 2004, except the ads showed up on their sites and forums.

        I have never earned anything from uploading at all. ‘Cos the amount of time spent uploading is far less than the amount of time scanlating chapters.

        And the reason why Batoto was formed was actually to try and work with the Jpn publishers but they turned them down. And their ad policy is to let the ads revenue go back to the groups instead of the site pocketing it all. Though it most likely was ads revenue going back to the mangaka first but then they must’ve altered this policy when they were rejected.

        Hmmmm… in this case, I won’t upload it then. =) Your uneasiness is noted.

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