Biology With Tezuka – Lesson 1

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4 Responses to Biology With Tezuka – Lesson 1

  1. I know what you’re thinking. Another project? And it’s not the one I wanted him to do! I know, I’m sorry. I really like this manga a lot though. There’s some charm to older Tezuka, and I feel like this one has a good setup for what Tezuka really wants to do in all of his manga: teach you some cool little thing he heard about the other day, and whatever. Most of the manga he does, not even when it’s focused on teaching like this, feels like chapter to chapter he was just caught by some whim with some cool science thing he wanted to talk about, and he just builds the story around it.

    This book is a simple course, but I think I learned a thing or two, and it’s funny how wacky it can be.

  2. Nakano says:

    I learned!!!
    Man this is cool but I have to admit if I didn’t know “This is the God of Manga’s thing that he’s into and he’ll always try to make it worth it…” I might have gotten bored after the 3rd page!

    Wonder how many adults look back on THIS book as what taught them about cell division…

    • That’s a fair thing to say. I’m interested in doing this not so much because I want to learn about biology via manga, but because I wanted to see what Tezuka doing a manga about biology would be like.

  3. This is great! I just got around to reading it today. I like how it took a really hard turn from a mostly-reasonable biology lesson into a parable that was more like a sci-fi story. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the chapters are like.

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