W3 – Volume Two


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4 Responses to W3 – Volume Two

  1. Good grief. 255 pages. But this wasn’t a rush job. I feel all together it should sound pretty good. This volume, like the last one, doesn’t have a lot of progress for its size, but when I reread it I think you can be absorbed in it without really noticing that so much, and there is a lot that happens in actuality. It’s just that you wonder how the story will resolve itself with just one volume left. We’re on volume two and it feels like we really shouldn’t be as done with the story as we are.

    I decided to go with a weird translation choice on this one, I called Baba “Baba-sensei” even though pretty much everything else is switched to its western equivalent. But for some reason I just couldn’t get into “Mr. Baba”. I was sure 100% of you reading this would know what sensei meant, and as a scanlation I felt I had enough freedom to make choices like this.

  2. octal9 says:

    any chance of you guys doing a new download of this via torrent or another direct download service? i’m dying to get more tezuka-sama in my life! volume 1 was amazing~thank you for yr. wondrous work!!!!!!! -octal9

  3. Please re upload this jewels, been looking for it again forever and I cant find it anywhere else.

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