Hey. I’m just a Tezuka fan who’s studied Japanese a long time and though I’d try my hand at a scanlation blog. The first Tezuka I read was Tonkara Valley. That was last year. I loved it.

I’ve never read Blackjack, Astroboy or Buddha. I’m interested in reading them, but I’m busy trying to showcase some of the other things from the pretty big, weird spectrum Tezuka covered.

The name twopioneers comes from an exhibit that was at the Tezuka museum featuring Tezuka and a friend he had in the “Japan SF Club”, Shinichi Hoshi. Check the links and you can see my blog where I’ve done a few of his stories. He’s a short story writer but he’s a little like a Japanese Vonnegut (just a little), I like him.

If you have any comments or criticisms, I’d always like to know. Thanks.

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  1. jeffbert1 says:

    THANKS SO MUCH for the translations,

  2. jeffbert1 says:

    Oops, not finished; I continue here!

    I am a fan mainly iof the Tezuka Anime, but have recently been viewing manga online for Y100 each, though I could not read it. I have found more than a few stories that were adapted into MIGHTY ATOM episodes. Fortunately, these books have synopses printed in English & the 1st few pages were free to view.

    I would really love to see translations of BULLET HOLE IN THE WILDERNESS (“gallop territory” PRINTED IN SF MIX II), BONGO (found in old version of ADVENTURE TV STATION, but not in new one offered by Amazon.jp), THE HUMAN FARM & THE GREAT ZEO (SF MIX I) THE BLACK SPACE RAY & THE CRAZY BORDER (LION V7) & SPACE AIRPORT (LION V6).

    Anyway, thanks a ton for the translations; I eagerly wait for W3 vol 3!

  3. goldenrozes says:

    First off i love all the work you guys do! I am here because I am a fellow scanlator and was wondering if you all were interested in a joint project on some of tezuka’s manga. I am the leader of a new group but i did manage older groups that did some of his manga. Please contact me at the email listed…. THANKS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I just started a new publishing company that specializes in publishing old school Manga in English and I’d like to get in touch with twopioneers in regards to using your translation services for an Osamu Tezuka book that we are in the process of acquiring the licensing rights to (I cannot disclose the title of the book until the contract with Tezuka Productions is finalized). Similarly, we recently acquired the licensing rights to Osamu Tezuka’s “The Crater” in English and would be very interested in using your translation as the basis for our publication of the book.

    “The Crater” is the first book that our company will be publishing. We are a tiny company with minimal funds. No one associated with the company makes a penny. Our only goal is to provide English speaking collectors of classic Manga with high quality publications of their favorite artists and authors at a lower price than anyone else. I truly respect what you do for the community and am thankful for the hard work and selfless effort that you put into your translation projects. Please contact me as soon as possible. In the meantime, I would very much appreciate if you took down all excerpts from “The Crater” that you posted onto this website. Please email me at doctorwolfenstein@gmail.com so that I can speak with you in a more private forum. Thank you!

    – Andrew

  5. Amazing says:

    Hello. Do you know where I can obtain a set of the Amazing 3 or Wonder 3 karuta cards?

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