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W3 – Extra Reading 2: He-y, Come On Ou-t!

This story is alluded to in volume 2 a few times. It is probably Hoshi’s most famous, and it has even appeared in textbooks in the US. I had to read it in a Japanese class I took back in … Continue reading

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W3 – Extra Reading 1: Bokko-chan

I don’t think I’ve told you this yet, but if you didn’t know, the rabbit character in W3, Bokko, has her name taken from one of Shinichi Hoshi’s most famous stories. It was maybe Hoshi’s favorite story he ever wrote. … Continue reading

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W3 – Volume Two

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W3 Bonus – Karuta Cards

Do you happen to study Japanese? If you’re just beginning or thinking of just beginning, or can do pretty well but just want to do a fun (I guess) activity, you might like these cards. This is a game called … Continue reading

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W3 – Volume One Songs

The main character in this manga likes to sing to himself a lot, so I thought I’d introduce the songs he sings here for anyone interested. I know as much about them as you do, unfortunately. pg. 48- On this … Continue reading

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W3 – Volume One

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