Angel’s Hill

The Crater

The Melody of Iron

Clockwork Apple

Tonkara Valley



Tiger and Lion Books

Mako, Rumi and Chi



On Hold:

Angel Gunfighter

Reason: I’ll put this in the on hold section because I did finish all of the Angel Gunfighter part, but there’s an extra unrelated story that I’m putting off doing for probably a good amount of time.

Magma Taishi

Reason: Finished the first (and main) storyline. Will do volume three, which includes Garon as a side character, when I do Tezuka’s Majn Garon as well. Which might be some time.

Maachan’s Journal

Reason: Main reason to do this one was for the first chapter, which was Tezuka’s debut manga. The other chapters are later four-panel works of his that I might get around to… sometime.


I had a list here but there are actually too many I want to do and I can’t make any decisions on which order I want to do them in. I pretty much want to do everything I think won’t be published anywhere else.

9 Responses to Projects

  1. BooN says:

    Do you plan to do Ayako?

  2. sensei 12 says:

    What about Shin Takarazima and Midnight?

  3. Genet says:

    Thanks so much for bringing these great works to the world!

    Kodansha’s actually doing a bunko re-release of a ton of his works, I’m hoping some of his more obscure ones will pop up on there. It’s hard to say which one of his works is my favorite.

  4. inactive says:

    Hello & thanks for efforts!
    Can you help with Lion Books OVAs subbing? They have japanese subs, y’know.

  5. Tsumi says:

    Thank you very much for your translation on “The Crater.” I have just read it and found it amazing. I’m looking foward to your hard work, translating isn’t easy, and all the editing buisness as well, but I hope to see even more great works from you guys.

  6. Nano says:

    This may sound a little odd, but I am of the belief that Angel’s Hill or Angel no Oka or エンゼルの丘 is not complete. I believe that there is a Volume 3 and Volume 4. I hope I am wrong about that, but it does make sense as I see an auction with the 4 volumes and having cover art that seems to indicate the story’s future. It also makes sense because volume 2 ends quite suddenly.

    I post about it here in the Tezuka forum.

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